Bra Size Calculator

To find the correct bra size is QUITE SIMPLE using our bra size calculator.

To determine your cup and bra size, you will need a measuring tape (preferably a tailor one).

  • Determine your FRAME Size.The frame size is the circumference around your chest JUST BELOW your breasts.
  • There should be no breast tissue measured while determining this number.
  • Measure the circumference around the chest, over the fullest part of your bust (usually at the level of the nipples).This is the circumference of your chest + breasts.
  • You should take this measurement while wearing a comfortable bra, though this is not mandatory.

Measuring gives a good place to start shopping for bras but is not fool-proof. Check for the following to make sure the bra is fitting properly.

  • The strap should be firm around the body and should be on the loosest setting. This way as the elastic wears through the life of the bra it can be tightened easily.
  • One or two fingers should fit easily under the bra band.
  • The bra band should fit horizontally around the ribcage.
  • If wearing an underwire bra, the underwire should be flat, up against the body.
  • Breasts should be enclosed in the cup. The breasts should not spill out over the cup or should there be wrinkling of the fabric in the cup.
  • While looking in the mirror, breast should be at the midpoint between the eye of the elbow and the shoulder.

When the correct size bra is worn, everyday clothes will look more flattering.